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VidLive is now EmbedVidio Logo

The team behind VidLive has released a brand new version of the platform, now rebranded as EmbedVidio.

Auto-Embed YouTube Live On Your WordPress Website

Easy to use one-time embed. Set it once and forget it.

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Live stream on your WordPress website with YouTube Live.

Do you live stream from YouTube? Would you like be able to auto-embed YouTube Live on your WordPress website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Does NOT require the 1000 follower minimum.

Live on your website

With VidLive, you can auto-embed YouTube Live directly on your WordPress website. Get started right away!

One Time Embed

No more wasting time updating embed codes every time you want to go live. Embed once and stream live every time.

Last Live Placeholder

Show your previous video when you are not live. Always have your previous video ready to play on your website.

Placeholder Image

Want to add your own custom image placeholder when you are not live on YouTube? No problem, you can do that.

Automatic Start

With VidLive, There is no page refresh required, your live stream starts automatically in less than 40 seconds after you go live.

Distraction Free

There are a lot of distractions on YouTube. Keep your audience focused on your website and YouTube Live video.

How to embed YouTube Live on your WordPress website:

Start live streaming YouTube Live on your WordPress website in 3 easy steps

1. Connect

Sign up for a VidLive account and add your YouTube channel ID to connect to with VidLive.

2. Embed

Install the VidLive YouTube Live Wordpress Plugin and add your widget short code to the webpage you want to stream live to.

3. Go Live

Go Live from your YouTube channel... watch your YouTube live video stream automatically on your WordPress webpage.

Why embed YouTube Live on your website?

Ramp up engagement!

Reach more website visitors

Make it easy for them to view YouTube live streams on your website.

It’s easy

With VidLive, it’s so easy to embed live video on your website. Embed your widget code just once and you are done.

Time Saver

Stop wasting time updating embed codes every time you want to go live. Embed once and stream live every time.

What they say about VidLive

We are a church and our pastor is popular globally. It has allowed us to livestream our services and show them on our website for people who are not on Facebook.

Kelly Ling, Heritage Presbyterian Church

VidLive has been an essential component to reach those in our group who choose not to be on social media. Being able to stream and push content to our website has been so valuable.

Tim Lee, Pathway Community Church

VidLive makes it easy to view our FBLIVE worship on our website for those not on Facebook.

Steven Kyle Adair, Glendale United Methodist Church - Nashville

More than just YouTube Live WordPress Plugin

With ViLive, you can auto-embed live streams from many service providers including YouTube and Twitch. Gamers, instructors, musicians, and more use VidLive to auto-embed live video streams on their websites. Check out how easy it is, start your Free Trial today!

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